TronGameCenter FPShooter

Play and win in our first Multi Player Shooter!

TGC FPShooter

Our first multiplayer First Person Shooter will be released in August!

Play alone or in a team in the fight for our token TGCT.
3 game modes:
➨ Team Deathmatch
➨ Free For All
➨ Capture of Flag.

Play TGC FPShooter now on your PC or on your Android phone

Android PC

How does the game principle of
TGC FPShooter work?!

You will be able to play different modes in TGC FPShooter!
Play in single player, multiplayer mode and if you belong to a clan,
you will also earn points for your clan so that it rises in the ranking list of the clans.

What can you win?

Play TGC FPShooter and win different tokens. You can find the price lists here!


In each round your kills/headshots and your deaths are counted.
On this basis a score will be calculated and you will be moved up in the weekly ranking.


Each round costs you 50 TGCD

Earn TGCD:

During the game you will receive TGCD credit for your kills / headshots
and for winning a match which will be shown in the statistics at the end of each round

So you can win back a part of the TGCD you paid for as a buy-in during a match.
Half of the excess TGCD is then split into the variable CLAN Price Pool and the Player Price Pool.





The current prize pool is
- 4000 TGCT
- 25000 BTT
- 1000 TRX
- 50 888Token
- 281.4 TGCD (Variable)

This prize pool will be shared among the TOP 10 players
of each round on a percentage basis!

Current Highscore List

#     Playerscore    Kills    Deaths    Winning in %    
1 oops 10679421891 30 
2 albatta 6889814296 20 
3 coolman 6158012621 15 
4 TronWarrior420 29936967152
5 qreka 153903212
6 BenjiTV 8532440109
7 TGCAdmin 951230
8 KigaBagiK 000
9 DoubleD1980 000
10 shin 000
11 uzixtgct 000
12 Rico 000
13 F3D3Tron 000
14 artadler 000
15 alex356 000

To participate in the weekly competitions you need TGCD (TronGameCenter Diamonds)
You get this for watching ads in TronGameCenter
or use our Swap Service