TronGameCenterDiamonds (TGCD ID: 1003133)

Our ingame currency for all TronGameCenter Games

You want to participate in our weekly and daily competitions?
Then you need TGCD!
Our ingame currency.
Play our Games and get TGCD or swap TRX , BTT and TGCT for TGCD

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Get your TGCD
exclusiv on TronTrade

You need your TGCD ingame!?!

Send your TGCD to the following address:

⇒ TLrxKVg6x5vM5nQuK4g6G8i5yfUn6kcxxC ⇐

You will get your TGCD credited within one minute ingame!

Please send only TGCD or TGCT to this address and these from your address registered in TronGameCenter!