Win crypto currencies while playing!
Our games give you the opportunity to win different Tron and ETH based crypto currencies without any bets!
True to the motto:
Play, Win and Earn

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Play and earn

It has never been easier to earn TRX and ETH based Token! Play our games and win in weekly competitions.

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Receive up to 1 BTT for each level

In addition to the weekly competitions, we reward you with BTT per level in our games. These are paid out weekly together with the winnings.


Our games at a glance

We deliberately focus on a diverse selection of games which we offer you! So we can be sure that there is something for everyone!

Games in development

We are constantly developing ourselves and our games.
In the future we will concentrate on larger online multiplayer games.
Here are the games that are currently in development

TGC FPShooter

Our first multiplayer First Person Shooter is already available as a beta for the PC and Android devices!

Play alone or in a team in the fight for various tokens.
3 game modes:
➨ Team Deathmatch
➨ Free For All
➨ Capture of Flag.

Beta Download

TGC World

Be who you want!
Do what you want!

Secure your Founder Pack and support the development.

TGC World

User reviews

The opinions of our users from the google Play Store, Thanks for it!

Gaming, Android and Crypto merge harmoniously in this app

Have fun playing and there are also tokens to win, which you can convert into real TRX afterwards. Gaming has never been more beautiful. A really innovative app, which I personally would describe as a current showcase for crypto games. Keep it up! And: It won't cost you a cent!

— creatio ex nihilo #

Really cool app for gaming!

You will be quickly informed and supported by the admin. There are new improved versions every day and you have a lot of fun playing. I am very satisfied with the game

— Max Mustermann #

Great entertainment!

for in between and also great to enter the world of cryptos. We play, receive coins and the support is prompt and reliable. Thumbs up.

— Mike Herforth #

Great game!

for kids as well as adults, faster support, thanks TronGameCenter.

— Roman Adler #

TronGameCenter Token

(TRC-10 ID: 1002664)

Our Dividend Token

TGCT is a token based on the Tron blockchain.
Send TGCT to our app and freeze them to get daily dividends in TRX
Minimum Freez TGCT for daily TRX: 1000 TGCT

Win TGCT in the weekly contests or buy it on one of the following exchanges and send it to the below standing address to be credited to your ingame account!
Step by step guide:


You need more TRX?
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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How can I earn money?

You can win a variety of crypto-currencies by participating in the weekly competitions in the different games. Some examples of tokens that you can win:

When will my winnings be paid out?

Your winnings from the weekly contests will be credited on Tuesday to the "Winnings" section in the TGC application. Your winnings will be paid out on Thursday evenings German time.

Do I really get 3 BTT per level?

Yes, you will receive 3 BTT per level that you solve in our games. The payout is also on Thursday evening German time

How is my dividend calculated?

The User Daily Dividend is calculated using the following rule:
"Your frozen TGCT/total frozen * dividend pool = your daily dividend in TRX".
The database snapshot is taken every day at 19:00 German time.

Why do some games not work in the TGC app?

Due to the size limitation of the Google Store app, some games must be downloaded separately. You can view a list of these games by clicking on the "google play store" tab in the "single-player games" section of the TGC app.

Why may my score not be updated (or shows 0)?

There are situations where your account has been blocked by a security bot.
We recommend that you ask an admin in the TGC telegram group for help.

Where does the money for the dividend pool come from?

Most of the income of the dividend pool comes from the ads you can see while playing.

How does the referral program work?

Invite your friends to install TronGameCenter and ask them to enter your wallet address as referrer during registration. For every person who uses your wallet as a referral, you will be rewarded with 1% of their daily dividend.

What is TGCT and TGCD ?

TronGameCenterToken(TGCT) and TronGameCenterDiamond (TGCD) are the Token of the TronGameCenter platform
TGCT is our dividend token
60% of ads revenue and Surveys is share with all users that have frozen TGCT.
TGCD is our game currency
users can get TGCD by watch ads or finshing levels in some specific games.
We offer a option to swap your TGCD ingame