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🚀You want to play and farm different Tron Token at the same time?🚀
Then Tron Game Center is the right place for you and offers a wide selection of different Dice Games and Arcade Games.
Some of them:
Our arcade classic, fly the rocket safely through the obstacles and collect different tokens during the flight.
The best placed of each round will also receive different prizes.

Freeze your earned or purchased TGCT tokens and receive your TRX dividends daily!
More information about our ingame Token TGCT can be found here.
It has never been so easy to get daily divs without investing!

TronGameCenter Arcade Racer

Play online against friends or in single mode!
With Trons Car Racer you can have exciting races. Play in drift mode or normal races with up to four players!
The use of TGCT is variable The first one to win the prize pot. Single-Mode
Climb up the leaderboard and depending on your position you will receive TGCT and other Token
Daily Events Race Championship

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